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Three Ways to Have a Soulful Summer

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

To get the most out of the summer months, we recommend that you you have a Soulful Summer.

Sometimes summers can get gobbled up by fulfilling obligations and the expectations of others. Busy summers are also pretty typical. SO, if you want to go against conventional patterns, get Naughty, and listen to your soul. If that sounds good to you - then we have some tips.

1. Say no. You can do it! Say no to the parties and people that don't make you feel at ease and relaxed. If you can't say no, then have a plan to keep your vibes feeling good, even if the crowd turns negative. Also, ditch the to do list for an entire day and watch the sun move across the driveway with a limeade in your hand.

2. Say yes. Yup, we are complex beings filled with contradiction. Say yes to the adventure of life and immerse yourself in what nourishes your soul. Try being alone at the beach (porch, forest, etc.) for a day. Wha' What?!?!?!?!? yes. The world will continue without you just fine for 6-8 hours. Really. It will.

3. Say nothing. Sometimes we can talk all day and say nothing. So try saying nothing. Commit to a day of silence or half a day. If that's not possible, trade in the ambient noise of the typical day for the sounds of nature and speak half as fast and half as loud. See how you feel. So cool.

We love trying new things at Naughty Shaman. Especially if they help grow our souls.

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