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Are you Missing Your Calling?

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Little Frogs - Big Inspiration.

I’m sitting in my home office with the windows open listening to the spring peepers (wee little frogs that come out of the mud in the spring). Peepers are super tiny frogs with webbed feet. And they sing to find a mate in the spring.

Peepers are one of the loudest creatures in CT. One little frog will "peep" at about 90 decibels - about as loud as your lawn mower. (Wha..?)

When these frogs start calling out over and over and over again - chirping into the Universe for what they want - I think to myself, "Hell yeah little buddy, you keep calling out to the Universe and create your best life!"

And the lady frogs come run-hopping to them, answering the call. (Is there a word for fast hopping?)

Tiny beings with a mighty manifestation song. We can learn from Spring Peepers.

Many of us refuse the callings in our soul. We have that flash of intuition, knowing, or clarity, but then we bury it with 100 rational reasons why we are wrong. We abandon our inner wisdom. It's a bit shocking how easily we disregard our truthy-bits.

But not Peepers. Peepers wake up, trust their instincts and have the audacity to loudly call into the world exactly what it wants and needs. And they don't quit!

So what inspiration can you take from this mighty frog? Here are some of mine - you can totally steal:)

1. Answer the calling of your soul

2. Develop a trusting relationship with your intuition

3. Ask for it. And say it loud!

4. Don't give up.

Peepers... Your new Spirit Animal?

Love. Always.


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