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Private Wisdom Circle Membership

The Dharma School Journey


Fire Keeper

Learn the shamanic art of fire ceremony
and the practices of sacred living.


Fire Keeping is an ancient custom of our ancestors. Traditionally, the Fire Keeper would be responsible for keeping the communal fire lit so that no one in the tribe or village would go without warmth. 


Today, Fire Keeping is about tending to the fires within ourselves and keeping our own flames lit, by using the transmutation properties of fire to create real change in our outer and inner worlds. 


This course teaches you, step by step, how to create and lead this ancient, sacred ceremony, as well as why Fire Ceremonies are a powerful tool to use for your own growth and that of your community's.


In this course, you will grow your skills as a leader, enhance your personal confidence and connect with a community of like minded souls.


Earth Keeper

Two -2.5 Day Live Retreats for Personal Growth


This is a personal journey around the Medicine Wheel. This is perfect for anyone who is working through a transition, or desires a deeper understanding of how intuitive practices work.


During Earth Keeper, you will learn how to safely use shamanic journey, work with the ancestors to release karma and understand the practical uses of The Garden and the Medicine Wheel. These tools are designed for personal healing and creating.


We use the Medicine Wheel, which is grounded in global shamanic teachings, yoga and transpersonal coaching to discover your purpose and build a portable spiritual tool kit, sometimes called a mesa or medicine bundle.


Some students take a break after Earth Keeper to digest the foundation teachings. Level I can be taken alone, but is a prerequisite for Star Keeper.

2024 Fall Earth Keeper-CT 

1st Conference September 27-29th & 2nd Conference November 15-17th

Conference Hours: Friday Night 6-9 Sat/Sun 9-5:30


Star Keeper

Two 4 Day Live Retreats for Deeper Healing and Certification


This is a more global journey around the Medicine Wheel. Perfect for people already in the wellness world or looking to dive in. We will dive into shamanic teachings from various traditions around the world. During Star Keeper you will be held to a high ethical standard of energetic safety and integrity as we begin to learn how to support others on their healing journey. You will deepen your practice of shamanic journey, energetic extraction, power retrieval, and chakra clearing by working with practice partners.


You will develop leadership skills including composure, personal accountability, clear communication and working in the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies simultaneously for optimal wellness for yourself and others.


Upon graduation, you will not only have a gigantic toolbox filled with ideas, strategies and daily practices to help you live with more lightness, purpose and passion, you will come away with a deep sense of connection to a network of Naughty Shamans  we affectionately call The Tribe.  That’s Soul-FULL living!


2024 Spring Star Keeper-CT

1st Conference May 30-June 2nd  &  2nd Conference June 27-30th 

All 8 days, 9-5:30

2024/2025 Winter Star Keeper-CT

1st Conference December 12-15th  &  2nd Conference February 6-9th

All 8 days, 9-5:30

The Wisdom Keeper Journey



Online Pre-Recorded Course

Learn to listen to the whispers of the soul and build your coaching intake and exit skills.




1.5 days

Learn how to slow and speed up time while bringing it into karmic balance. 


Coming 2025


4 days

Want to learn the behind the scenes of how to lead a Dharma School program? This training will teach you how to create the magic of a transformational workshop. This class is a requirement for starting a chapter.


Coming Soon

The Art of
Destiny Retrival

1.5 days Online May 18 & 19th

Learn how to track and retrieve Destiny lines on behalf of your clients and yourself. 



Sacred Living/

2 days

Learn the nuances of Peruvian ceremonies, and various ways to connect to Spirit. 


Coming 2025

a Chapter

in your area

Are you interested in building a Naughty Shaman chapter in your community? Complete this application and begin the interview process.  Dharma School (Fire - Star Keeper), Shadow Walker, Sacred Inquiry, Sacred Living and Teacher Training are required prior to application process.




4 Days In Person Oct. 17-20th

Learn Advanced Underworld Extraction and how to coach clients through other worldly energies.



Community Leadership

3 days

A Sacred Service for learning to read and adapt your leadership styles to various group dynamics. Build your confidence leading soulful workshops and holding space for a group coaching circle.


Coming 2025

Become a Brand Ambassador

Love Naughty?

Love Social Media? Active in your community?  Our Brand Ambassadors function as our heart, eyes, ears, and spirit in the communities where we serve. They share stories of their healing journey through all of the programs Naughty Shaman offers. They live in alignment with our values. They inspire people around them to grow in their own authenticity, freedom, and power.  Limited Spots Available.



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