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Our Philosophy

Naughty Shaman is a lifestyle. Naughty because we don't buy into the fear based conventional wisdom. Shaman because we view all of life as sacred. We search for ways to connect, not divide. We are committed to a lifestyle of radical acceptance.


We are a worldwide school for developing and coaching the human soul.  


We create a more sacred world through leadership training, shamanic coaching, healing, live workshops, and our signature coach training program, Dharma School.


Our Purpose

It is our Dharma to help people connect to the magic of being human and remember the wisdom in their souls. We believe wise humans create awesome communities and aligned organizations that make the world a better place.

From Lost to Founder

I started my career in the wilderness. I learned to tell time by tracking sun shadows and discovered whole worlds under dead tree stumps. I learned the value of experience over rhetoric and I learned to rescue people. I was a Wilderness First Responder and Experiential Educator for the Wilderness Education Association. I climbed mountains, and rafted rivers and even then, the greatest adventure to me, was learning what made teams and people tick. I became one of the youngest master facilitators because I could get people to talk at the deeper level of the soul and solve problems together.


When I was recruited by Nationwide Financial to be the Director of Executive and Organizational Development, I hung up my hiking boots for high heels for my next great adventure. I was certified as a culture and leadership coach through Lominger, Ltd. (Now Korn Ferry, Inc.), and led leadership programs across the United States. I had the privilege of coaching amazing leaders, but one leader changed my life.


I was coaching a young executive who had everything he was “supposed to have” and was miserable. I couldn’t help him because I was in the same boat. I had it all, and yet I felt this yearning for more that I couldn’t quite explain. I didn’t have the words for it.


I knew I needed to learn something radically new, and much deeper than competency profiles, to make a difference. I dove into the deep end of yoga and shamanism and discovered techniques and practices that helped me understand what I was missing. I was missing me, and the soul work helped me heal the roots of my anxiety and depression, and chart a more aligned path forward.


I knew I had to develop a program that would help other people get out of their existential funk!

Natalie has been published in the Harvard Business Review. Her work with thousands of people has been featured on the TEDx Stage.


Since 2003, she has studied with coaches, wisdom keepers, and leadership gurus to better understand how to access deep happiness, healing and inspiration.


She is certified through the International Coaching Federation as an Ontological Coach, a Leadership Coach and a Transpersonal coach, holding the designation of Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  She has worked in Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and most recently Croatia where she was a presenter for the 2019 European Psychology Health Society (EPHS) Conference.  


Her unique approach to coaching has been researched by the SHARP Research Lab at The University of Connecticut. They discovered that Naughty Shaman’s signature program, Dharma School, increases motivation and significantly reduced stress, anxiety, depression, rumination and feelings of loneliness. It was the first study of its kind.


Natalie has spent over 10,000 hours coaching leaders into greater states of consciousness.  Her mission is to create a groundswell of conscious leaders to create a more sustainable and joyful experience of life for all beings.


Natalie Carlisle

Why the 
Name Change?

I recently decided to change my last name from Griffin to Carlisle. Visit my podcast to hear the story!

Our Practitioners

Robin Attardi

Suffield, Connecticut

Natalie Carlisle.png

Natalie Carlisle

Bethany Beach, DE

Taylor Crofton.png

Taylor Crofton

Southington, Connecticut

Beth Lopez.png

Beth Lopez

West Hartford, Connecticut

Heather Perra.png

Heather Perra

Newington, Connecticut

Christine Sgambati.png

Christine Sgambati

West Springfield, Massachusetts

Anne Sargent2_edited.png

Anne Sargent


Kjerste Vandesande.png

Kjerste Vandesande

Williamston, MI

Sterling White.png

Sterling White

Greater Hartford Area, Connecticut


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