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Have you tried everything to feel better? Maybe you’ve tried acupuncture, yoga, therapy, crystals, and kale. We get it. We have too.


If you don’t have a Shamanic Coach on your swat team of healers, you might be missing access to a powerful dimension of your wellbeing - your soul.  


There are several ways you can begin with us on your soul work.  Let’s start with a cup of coffee.

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is a 30 minute call for us to get to know each other. We want to hear about your journey so far and guide you to the best services for where you are on your journey.  So let’s talk it over.  Grab a cup and book a call here.  We can usually get you booked within the next 24 hours.



Are you looking for a sacred place to explore what is really important to you, your dreams and goals? Or maybe you are considering (or in the middle of) a transition in your life and could use some help navigating around the obstacles. Or maybe you are getting tired of the same old BS and are ready to get to the bottom of things and make a change.  Our coaches are expertly trained to listen for what is calling you and what is blocking the way. In these sessions we help you dismantle what is no longer working in your life and build a way forward on an even stronger - and new - foundation.


House Blessings

Houses can hold our memories and also energies from previous families. If you have just moved or want a fresh start in your home, house blessings will bring good juju back into your home.  Consult our house clearing/ blessing experts with a coffee talk by clicking below. 



If you have ever been a part of a great team, you know strong teams don’t happen by accident. If your team or organization is struggling there can be many factors at play. Natalie has performed organizational diagnostics on over 1000 teams and can help you understand what is blocking your business from stepping into an even higher performance level. Book a free consultation with Natalie to see if we can help.

House Blessings
Leadership Training

Dharma School

“Everyone in the world should do Dharma School! Can you imagine the world we would live in if people knew how to communicate at this level?! Damn. Powerful. Stuff. And it works.”

- AM. Dharma School Grad 2020

Dharma School is the most comprehensive coaching school in the US.  Not only will you learn the art and practice of coaching, you will learn to gather useful data from energetic reality. In a world where anyone can call themselves a shaman or energy healer, we are dedicated to teaching a high standard of ethics and safety on all levels. In our coaching school, we teach you how to explore deep and soulful terrain with grace and ease.


Our techniques are practical, cutting-edge, and backed by research completed at The University of Connecticut. The teachings we share have come through a lineage of teachers, some of whom are still alive in Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, and the US. We work in equally powerful ways with the human and energetic elements of the human soul.


It is time for people to have access to this ancient wisdom combined with the power of coaching. We will examine language, somatics, emotions, behaviors and master beliefs in conjunction with the power of shamanism, where we explore other timelines, destiny lines, ancestral patterns, epigenetic coding and soul contracts.


As a student, you will take an accelerated and powerful dive into your own self-awareness and personal growth. Those who are eligible are invited into the deeper initiations of practicing within the luminous architecture including the chakras, energy field, meridians and energetic realities. As we explore the energetic nature of what is blocking us, we will also explore the coaching skills of embodied presence, deep listening, sacred inquiry and holding space for new possibilities to emerge.

“If you are ready to change your life, it’s time to do Dharma School.”

If you yearn to go deeper into the wisdom teachings, experience energy work, learn the art of shamanic journey, and continue developing your soul's strength, then this path is for you.


This is a more global journey around the Medicine Wheel. Perfect for people already in the wellness world or looking to make a career change into the growing field of wellness.  


In Dharma School you will be held to high ethical standards of energetic safety and integrity as we begin to learn how to support others on the healing journey. You will deepen your practice of shamanic journey, energetic extraction, soul retrieval, and chakra clearing by working with practice partners.


You will develop leadership skills including composure, personal accountability, clear communication and working in the physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies simultaneously for optimal wellness for yourself and others.


Upon graduation, not only will you have a gigantic toolbox filled with ideas, strategies and daily practices to help you live with more lightness, purpose and passion, you will have a support network in your Dharma family of grads and teachers. For those of you interested in making coaching a profession, you have the opportunity to earn a certificate in Shamanic Coaching.


The Naughty Shaman Podcast

with Natalie Carlisle

A gigantic toolbox filled with ideas, strategies and daily practices to help you live with more lightness, purpose and passion.

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