You have a calling. A unique set of gifts.

This is your Dharma.

Our school blends the wisdom of Transpersonal Coaching, Shamanism and personal inquiry to provide you with a direct and personal experience with Spirit. We teach a set of practices designed to heal your heart and give you the tools for Truth Based Living, otherwise known as "feeling good and living your Dharma."

When we discover and live our Dharma, we experience more soulful connections with people and our lives become radiant with purpose and joy. We are on a mission. We believe that by supporting your journey to discover and live your Dharma, you will find soulful innovative ways to love, lead and govern in your families and communities. Can you imagine living in that world?! We can.

Are you ready?  



“A shaman walks the world with freedom and power.”


Earth Medicine I

November 4-5

The life changing experience of Dharma School begins here. In this workshop you will learn the level one practices of shamanism, including how to heal yourself using ancient teachings, the ethics of healing work, and how to work with others to support their healing journey.

Often we realize that the beliefs and habits that we have built our life upon are made of shifting sand and do not provide "solid ground" on which our soul can stand safely.  In this workshop we will release the pain of old stories and shift the tectonic plates of our foundation.


Water Medicine I

December 9-10

In Water Medicine we dive into the deep waters of our ancestral patterns and release the burdens and patterns that we are carrying from the source.

Often people are carrying chronic pain, depression, addiction or other seemingly unstoppable patterns subconsciously for their entire lineage. In this workshop, we will begin to unravel the ties that bind us into these unwanted patterns.

We will explore how shamans can shift perspective to explore the emotional realms of life and come into right relationship with fear and courage.


Air Medicine I

February 3-4

In Air Medicine we merge out of the watery realms and take flight. We receive our first set of wings and fly to the mountain tops and learn to look at the journey of our lives as a heroic journey.

We will examine the journey of the hero and the heroine and discover the nuances of how the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves deal with this journey of life differently.

We will dive deeper into the shamanic journey and come into right relationship with our soul's calling.


Star Medicine I

March 3-4

In Star Medicine we jump off of the mountain tops and explore the realm of the cosmic shaman as we blow up all boundaries and limitations to discover the endless possibilities available to us in every moment.

We will explore theories found in quantum physics, and through rich discussion, develop original thought around such topics as: Soul Mates, Soul Groups, Past Lives/Reincarnation, Birth, Death and Rebirth, and Our role as co-creators in the Universe

In this workshop we are reborn through a rapid death/rebirth process anchored in the Medicine Wheel.

Stay Tuned For our Summer and Fall 2018 Level I dates.


Level II

For Students who have graduated from Level 1 or are currently enrolled in the 2017 Fall Dharma School Program

Here are the dates and times for Level II. 

Each Weekend will run Friday 6-9 PM, Saturday 8:30 AM-7:00 PM and Sunday 8:30 AM-5:00 PM.

Dharma School- Earth 2

April 20th - 23rd

Dharma School - Air 2

June 22nd - 24th

Dharma School - Water 2

May 18th - May 20th

Dharma School - Star 2

July 20th - 22nd


“When you go through Dharma School, you learn the tools, but what you really get is to heal yourself.  And then, you also have SO MANY TOOLS to take back into your daily life.”


“I knew inside of me there was this person who was powerful and really wild and I couldn’t find it, no matter what I did, I couldn’t find this part of me.  Through this tribe, I was held so strongly and I could find all of the missing parts of me.”


“When I came to Dharma School, I was missing a spark.  I was going through the motions… I learned to let go of my old self and step into who I really was, behind the masks I used to wear.