Decoding the truth in your stars Ii with Andrea miller


6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

$40 per class

$120 for the whole series

Join Andrea Miller as she dives deep with this new four week series Decoding the Truth in Your Stars II - Vedic Astrology!

These 4 workshops will provide you with opportunities to delve deeper into your personal chart and learn how to decipher your own map. Andrea will be reviewing AND building on concepts presented in her level I Vedic Astrology class, so if you were not able to attend the first workshop, you can still begin now. Each class is designed to be an independent offering, so come to one class or sign up for all 4.

**A printout of your chart will be provided, if birth information is emailed to Andrea. A full reading of your chart is recommended to get the most from this advanced workshop series. Andrea can be reached at** 

 Week 1 - July 18th -  Vedic Astrology: The Map

Have you ever wondered how different you would feel if you had a blue print for who you are? Have you ever asked yourself "Why does my soul have a yearning for something that to others is of no interest? What is this language that I speak so fluently, that others cannot decipher?” If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you will find some of the answers you are seeking in Decoding the Truth in Your Stars II Workshop!

In this workshop, you will learn about the revealing system of Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish ~ meaning Science of Light. This workshop will explore more deeply, the basics of Vedic Astrology, as well as build on the foundational concepts. If you are able to provide your exact birth time, date and place; you will learn what your Ascendant is, the planet you are ruled by as well as other influences that have a very profound effect on your day to day life as well as the big picture!

Week 2 - July 25th - Vedic Astrology: The 12 Houses, Their Significance and Determining Their Influence

Have you ever wondered why certain areas of your life seem to run smoothly and some aspects are filled with obstacles? Ever wondered why you have all the luck with money or friendships, and are constantly running into dilemmas in relationships or career choices. Have you ever wanted answers about why you feel pulled to learn about certain subjects?

During this workshop, we will unravel some of the mystery behind these questions. We will break down the Astrological map and discover how the planets in each of the 12 houses are impacting your life, either positively or negatively. We will explore some of the ways you are being influenced, and also ways you can become more aware of these influences, so you can navigate them more successfully.

You will get a more personal look at your unique blue print and discover ways to both know yourself better, and to create a valuable databank for practical measures to maneuver through your life with more ease and awareness.

This will be a practical workshop, that will look at both the strong and weak houses in your chart, and how you can get the most from knowing both aspects. You will leave this class, with a new light shed on even the more difficult aspects of your journey, as well as inspiration for moving forward.

Week 3 - August 1st - Vedic Astrology: Planetary Periods and Their Gifts

Have you ever pondered why some years of your life, everything seems to work in your favor? And why other years, it seems like all you are doing is working toward something you think may never arrive? Have you ever wondered why some people say they would do anything to go back to High School, and why others say you could not pay them to repeat their teen years?

Why do our lives unfold in such different ways? Why do some mature quickly, while others seem to grow younger with time? Have you questioned why life is filled with so much fluctuation and suffering, and is also filled with beautiful moments where everything seems to go exactly right?

During this workshop, you will learn about the answer to these questions, and more! This workshop will focus on the Planetary Periods that run through our lives and their strong influence on the events in our lives.

We will continue to add pieces to the unfolding puzzle, allowing you to see your life with even more clarity. After this workshop, you will know both the major and minor planetary period you are running, as well as the influences it will bring into your life. We will discuss the length of each Planetary Period, as well as the gifts hidden within each! You will discover another layer of awareness, as to the reasons that certain events occurred at certain times in your life, and you will know the focus of your life at the current moment.

This workshop will unravel some mysteries, through an informational lecture, as well as working hands on with your own chart. We will have an (optional) open discussion about the ways that certain planetary periods have effected your life, and how that has influenced who you are, and the direction your life has taken. We will also have a question and answer portion, to show how real life events have unfolded in accordance with different planetary periods. Be prepared to find a deep level of acceptance and forgiveness for who you authentically are, as well as for the events that have shaped your life.

Week 4 - August 8th - Vedic Astrology: Vedic Astrology: What is Written…What is Yet to be Discovered...

The final class in this workshop is yet to be decided… I am leaving it to be revealed by the participants attending previous sessions; to choose how they would like it to be written. I will create the final class, based from their interests and the direction they would like to take their Vedic Astrology knowledge from here…

This final class in the Decoding the Truth in Your Stars II - Vedic Astrology will unfold as the participants are pulled toward a certain direction of interest. This series is like a map in itself, and which route we will take, will depend on which destination we are seeking by the end of Session III.

Not one for mystery? I will reveal this sessions topic following Session III on August 8, 2017. Come and discover the Truth in Your Stars!



Intro to Shamanism with Natalie Griffin


September 30th  4:00 - 7:00PM

$20 paid in advance

$30 paid at the door the day of the workshop


Yogis and Shamans have shared the same goal through time.  To transcend suffering.  In this workshop we will talk about the roots of shamanism and how the practical tools of the Medicine Wheel and The Garden can change your life and help you manifest anything.

Join Natalie Griffin, international spiritual coach, writer, founder of Naughty Shaman and the Director of Dharma School as she shares legends and medicine stories from around the globe.