Remembering Your Original Nature: 

An Introduction Workshop to Dharma School


Wednesday September 20th 

6:30PM - 8:30PM with Sarah E. Carey 


Saturday September 23rd

10AM - 12PM with Natalie Griffin

Through the ages, Shamans have cultivated the ability to walk between the worlds. A Shaman works toward mastering both realms: 

1. Spiritual Reality: the world of our ancestors, past lives, and unseen magic

2. Physical Reality: the world of housework, relationships, and visible life

By having one foot strongly rooted in each reality, we become masters of our own creation. In exploring the furthest reaching maps of the cosmos, and bringing it back into our daily lives, we remember our original nature: that we belong, here and now. 

In Remembering Your Original Nature, we will talk about the roots of shamanism and how you can integrate the practical tools of the Medicine Wheel. And there will be a shamanic journey in which you will reclaim a part of yourself ready to wake up! These tools give you the opportunity to manifest your wildest dreams with the support of a community dedicated to a likeminded goal. 

Cost: Free


Practical Shamanism with Natalie Griffin


September 30th  4:00 - 6:30PM

$25 paid in advance

$30 paid at the door the day of the workshop

Yogis and Shamans have shared the same goal through time.  To transcend suffering.  

In this workshop we will talk about the roots of shamanism and how the practical tools of the Medicine Wheel and The Garden can change your life and help you manifest anything..

Join Natalie Griffin, international spiritual coach, writer, founder of Naughty Shaman and the Director of Dharma School at Yoga Shala in Mystic, CT as she shares legends and medicine stories from around the globe.


THE WAY OF THE SEABHEAN with Amantha Murphy



Friday & Saturday

Oct 7th & 8th

10:00AM - 5:30PM

Cost : $400

The Way of Seabhean - Shamanic Priestessing

Seabhean - The womyn who walks between the worlds, weaving the threads of the fabric of the Earth and those who live upon Her.  

Shamanic Priestessing - Bringing the balance of our Power, Passion and Grace within ourselves, and through that experience we naturally create the space for those around us to find that balance and healing within themselves. Creating the space for each to fall within and become whole.

The Keeper of the Mysteries - it is She who remembers and reweaves things into balance, weaving the web through Sound, through Dreaming, and through Weaving. Journeying for her clan/the tribe; retrieving what was lost or disconnected and cutting the ties to what no longer feeds or supports.

The role of the Seabhean is to keep the balance of the weave. To midwife both birth and rebirth.  There will be stories to remind us of the stories we carry within our bones, chants to awaken our memories within our blood and dance to embrace all that we are.


  • Middle World Journeying, Meeting our Deities and allies
  • Embodying the Celtic Wheel and the Goddesses presiding over the 8 Points on the Wheel of the Year
  • How we Create in this Reality
  • Working with our Various Bodies
  • Carrying our Stories

You can also hear more on Amantha's YouTube video here:

At this time in our ‘Story’, as womyn we are being called upon to ‘Priestess’.  To Priestess ourselves, Priestess our Sisters and Brothers and to Priestess our blessed Mother Earth in Her transition.

So what does it mean to Priestess – for me it means moving into the divine, while being fully present in our feminine and speaking through our hearts whole holding the Chalice. Each one of us is a chalice and within that we hold deep knowing, deep power and deep creativity. To hold that chalice for others to drink from and be replenished, so they may go/grow forth in the way that is meant for them. And our Chalice never empties, it fills us first – or it should – before we offer it for others to partake of.  Bringing forth the Madeline energies, again, within the Ancient Irish Shamanic tradition and remembering our foremothers and the womyn who hold sacred those ways upon our land.






6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

$30 per class

$99 for the whole series

Have you been feeling the calling to grow and expand beyond what you ever imagined possible? Are you seeking knowledge and an experience that cultivates wisdom? If you’re hungry for the most access possible to the truth that dwells inside of you, join us. It all starts with one step, and it starts on The Medicine Wheel. In this class, we will never tell you what your truth is, only you know that! But we will offer support, tools, community, and love so that you can find your own way. 

South - October 11th

Step into the Luminous Matrix as we explore the Southern point on the Medicine Wheel. Discover self-healing techniques using elements of the Earth found in your own backyard! Through this class you will learn techniques, intimately work with seen and unseen realms, and deepen your interaction with the world in and around you. 

West - October 18th

Reclaim your place in The Garden as we traverse the West! Together we will journey to meet sacred guides and chart maps in illustrious worlds available to you. It’s time to reawaken your power, and invite the gifts of The Garden to reveal themselves to you in your daily life. 

North - October 25th

Immerse yourself in the ceremonies of Sticks and Stones as we climb the mountains of the North. Attune your awareness to the sanctity and sacredness of your life to create clarity in your real-life decision making. Let’s anchor your highest destinies and rebirth new possibilities through alchemical processes. 

East - November 1st

Speak the Symbolic Language of the Universe as we traverse the Eastern axis of The Wheel. Deeply understand the signs unfolding around you, and use this information to answer the question, “What do I want?” And then get the courage to do it! Navigate the mysterious and beautiful terrains with us at our last stop on the Medicine Wheel, in the stars.

**Participants of the full Medicine Wheel Series get 10% off Dharma School- Level 1**


Day of the dead: Fire ceremony

Day of the Dead: Fire Ceremony.jpg

Saturday October 28th

3:30PM - 6:30PM

Cost: $20

Day of the Dead Fire Ceremony.jpg

At Unicorn Meadow Farm 

1349 Spruce Street, Suffield, CT

The Day of the Dead is an age old tradition to celebrate our ancestors! When we work with our ancestors, we set ourselves free from karma and family patterns in order to live more freely. At this Fire Ceremony we recognize our ancestors with a lively ceremony! We dance, we drum, and we make offerings to thank our lineages for living so well we are able to join in life around the Fire. 

::DRESS UP in the Dia de los Muertos costume of your dreams. When we dress as skeletons, we remember how precious life is and that we are all children united on the Earth. 

::We will have a PARADE of costumes so that we can nominate our King and Queen of the night. Plus, if you claim the throne there will be Naughty Shaman style prizes. 

::BRING offerings with you to this event. Bring an offering for your lineage to burn and honor (for example: a specific herb, a letter, flowers, etc.). And bring an offering for the living. We will share bread, cookies, and sweet treats around the Fire to celebrate life.