the Way of the Seabhean
with Amantha Murphy


Saturday and Sunday, October 7th -8th, 10:0am - 5:30pm


Seabhean - The womyn who walks between the worlds, weaving the threads of the fabric of the Earth and those who live upon Her.




Shamanic Priestessing

Bringing the balance of our Power, Passion and Grace within ourselves, and through that experience we naturally create the space for those around us to find that balance and healing within themselves. Creating the space for each to fall within and become whole.

The Keeper of the Mysteries

it is She who remembers and reweaves things into balance, weaving the web through Sound, through Dreaming, and through Weaving. Journeying for her clan/the tribe; retrieving what was lost or disconnected and cutting the ties to what no longer feeds or supports.

The role of the Seabhean is to keep the balance of the weave.

To midwife both birth and rebirth.

There will be stories to remind us of the stories we carry within our bones, chants to awaken our memories within our blood and dance to embrace all that we are.



Middle World Journeying,

Meeting our Deities and allies

Embodying the Celtic Wheel and the Goddesses presiding over the 8 Points on the Wheel of the Year

How we Create in this Reality

Working with our Various Bodies

Carrying our Stories

You can also hear more on Amantha's YouTube:

At this time in our ‘Story’, as womyn we are being called upon to ‘Priestess’. To Priestess ourselves, Priestess our Sisters and Brothers and to Priestess our blessed Mother Earth in Her transition.

So what does it mean to Priestess

For me it means moving into the divine, while being fully present in our feminine and speaking through our hearts whole holding the Chalice. Each one of us is a chalice and within that we hold deep knowing, deep power and deep creativity. To hold that chalice for others to drink from and be replenished, so they may go/grow forth in the way that is meant for them. And our Chalice never empties, it fills us first – or it should – before we offer it for others to partake of. Bringing forth the Madeline energies, again, within the Ancient Irish Shamanic tradition and remembering our foremothers and the womyn who hold sacred those ways upon our land.


$400 for the weekend