the Sacred science of the 52 cards with Mary Anne Costerella


Saturday, November 18th, 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Mary Anne.jpg

Explore your SPIRITUAL CODE camouflaged inside a deck of ordinary playing cards! Your destiny is revealed by the Date of Birth and its relationship to the Common Deck of 52. Mary Anne Costerella, Spiritual Scientist, will lead you on a magical mystery tour of information and personal insight. In this soulfully revealing workshop, you will learn about the authentic and ancient purpose of the 52 card playing deck. The 52 cards are truly path identifiers, sacredly created to self-compass on planet Earth!

Join us for this divinely wild ride! Participants will receive individualized packets graphically describing the cards assigned to their Date of Birth. And you will walk away from The Sacred Science of the 52 Cards with the ability to integrate your new learning into your life and community.

Online enrollment will close at 5pm on November 12th.  Please contact to enroll after Nov. 12th.