Natalie Griffin - Owner of Naughty Shaman.  I used to spend all of my time worrying about taking care of people.  As the Director of Executive Development for a fortune 100 company, partner, daughter and mother of two children, there were many people on my priority list above me.  In fact, I wasn’t even on the list.  I smiled and worked all the time, but my soul felt empty.  My thoughts on leadership were published in the Harvard Business Review, I ran 3 half marathons, wore kick-ass shoes and tried to get everything in my life “just right,” but nothing would fill the emptiness.  When my mom died, the grief lead to depression and I knew I couldn’t rely on only traditional methods of healing my empty soul and broken heart.  I started my high velocity journey inward through the studies of yoga and shamanism.

Now, I have the courage to live a life that feeds my soul.  I am the Founder of Naughty Shaman, the Director of the Dharma School U.S. and Director of the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts.  I am also a 200 E-RYT and was on the teaching staff of The Four Winds Institute of Energy Medicine.  I am currently a Senior Teacher of Transpersonal Coaching for Acersentido, and international coaching company headquartered in Chile.  At The Center, I want to share the inspiration, courage and support I have rediscovered through these practices.  It is never too late to live the life of your dreams. 

Session Price: $199

Sarah E. Carey - Assistant Teacher & Chief Creative Officer

My whole life I repeated a cycle that landed me in the same place: broken-hearted, struggling with addiction, and unemployed. It was a destructive pattern perpetuated by self-hatred. Wandering the darkest places of myself, I was lost. Without knowing how or why, I enrolled in Dharma School with Natalie Griffin in the Spring of 2014 on a whim that saved my life. Through shamanic studies I ultimately realized, the malignity with my soul’s truth could no longer exist. Now was the time to create with power and purpose.

I graduated Dharma School with a certificate in Energy Medicine. To deepen my knowledge and to continue my healing journey, I completed the School's two-level cycle twice. I trained in Advance Shamanic Studies with Mauricio Bruce, mastering advanced extraction, retrieval, and time-bending. Later in the year I traveled to the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica for Courageous Creator to walk the hero's journey through fear and anxiety into an empowered life, and to work with shamans from around the world.

Through my education, I developed a proclivity for healing through symbolism, the art of ceremony, and personal inquiry; this is my dharma. In September 2015 I joined the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts as a shamanic practitioner, and Dharma School as a mentor and assistant teacher. My passion is working personally with clients, clearing heavy energy from houses & land, and creating community through teaching. Let's create magic together, go deep inside, and explore realms of infinite healing.

My life now tells a different story. Old patterns can fall away and new potential will unearth. It is possible to change destiny; to become the story-writer; to create life every day.

Session Price: $99

Sean Lanning Headshot.jpg

Sean Lanning - Assistant Teacher

Sean is a certified ERYT-500 Yoga Teacher and a Dharma School graduate from Broad Brook, CT.

After several years of work in marketing, music and direct sales, Sean decided to try a yoga class on Thanksgiving of 2013. Through the sweat and crazy, un-explainable tears, he was hooked. It was a clear fork in the road. He had to choose – either repress it all again and just trudge through life, or take a risk and become more fully alive. He decided to dive in and get certified to teach yoga. Inspired by his love for live music and community, Sean has since been teaching at studios and music & arts festivals throughout the Northeast. In February 2015 he left his desk job to follow his heart. He committed to his spiritual education, teaching, and returning to writing. Now, he is an assistant teacher for Dharma School Level 1 and a practicing shaman at the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts.

Sean continues to grow his practice and his medicine. By combining the skills he acquired in previous careers in varying industries, he has developed his own style of healing that is funky and fun, but no joke. He melds his yogic and shamanic teachings into his business, helping people buy and sell their homes, or helping them pick out a new guitar. He teaches at Fuller Yoga upstairs from Naughty, and curates the Naughty Shaman Art Gallery at the Center. Sean is available for shamanic healing and coaching sessions, private yoga classes, rotates in leading Tuesday Night Fire Circles and Sunday Centering and you can find his blog here. Sean's dharma is to create his own reality and share his work; he is thrilled to do it at Naughty Shaman.

Session Price: $69

Karen Parker - Licensed Massage Therapist

I have always had a huge heart that overflows with love. But, what to do with all this love? In 2008 I graduated Branford Hall Career Institute and became a CT licensed massage therapist. I finally found a great way to share and spread the love. Using different techniques like Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone Therapy, I learned how to make people feel total relief of stress and tension from their everyday lives. But it didn't stop there. In 2013 I traveled to Sedona Arizona for training and became a certified Reiki Master. And so began my love for healing energy work. Shortly after that I started practicing yoga regularly which very quickly led me to Naughty Shaman's Dharma School in early 2014. Now I am a Dharma School graduate, certified in Energy Medicine and I am bringing all of my skills together at the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts to help people on their journey of life. 

Session Price: $89

Amelie Dion - Holistic Health Coach

In 2009, when I moved out my country, away from friends and family to pursue my postdoctoral study in organic chemistry at Harvard University, this was supposed to be my path to success. I soon discovered that success is meaningless without happiness, as every day was bringing more stress, loneliness and sadness.  My only solace was my outdoor daily run, where I could spend time connecting with myself and with nature. Those short moments of peace, launched what would become later my passion for nutrition and lifestyle. During the day I would work at my well paid corporate job, but at night, I would follow my heart and complete my holistic coach certificate from IIN. When I joined Dharma School in 2014 I felt the circle was completed, and although nutrition and lifestyle are a great foundation, working on emotional wounds allows deeper healing than I would have ever thought possible. I am here to support you and hold space for your healing journey using modern nutritional tools and ancient shamanic wisdom.

Session Price: $75

Sandy Kissel

All of my life, I have wanted to be a nurse. I could never tell you why, I just knew. I also struggled with being able to believe in myself and feeling that I deserved to exist.  Following my dream has been a challenge, and I have been on a journey to find the confidence to step fully into my life. My path started as a spiritual path, and as I struggled in my relationship with God, I found that the journey involved healing on an emotional level as well. I have always found the next step when I needed it, and the journey lead me through a variety of healing and spiritual modalities. Each thing I tried was going to be the next “thing” that “fixed” me, and while each step brought new growth, something was always unfinished, nothing was ever ‘enough’ and I was always looking for the next solution. 

I am a graduate of Dharma level 1 and level 2 and have found that while there is always room for growth, I have a lot to offer and don’t have to wait for the next thing to make me “good enough”, I am fine with who I am. 

My nursing career has been filled with variety.  From hospital to home care to working as a medical nurse.  I also served as a psychiatric nurse with adolescents in a psychiatric hospital which lead me to get my master’s degree in psychiatric nursing. I currently work with children on the Autism Spectrum. The most rewarding part of my job is working with patients or families as they struggled with the challenges and choices that lay before them. 

I have worked with alternative as well as mainstream healing and spiritual modalities. I have training in Reiki and Access Bars and Body processes. I have also been studying Gestalt Pastoral Care. I believe that healing and spirituality are entwined and am committed to helping people find what serves their highest purpose. All of these trainings and modalities inform my work as a shamanic practitioner. I understand well the journey that unfolds gradually over time. I look forward to holding space for you as we work to find new possibilities in your life.

Session Price: $59

Andréa Miller

To say that I took more than a few wrong turns on my journey would be putting it lightly! Those wrong turns took me through treacherous twists and turns on slippery roads and up steep, rocky mountain passes. And more than one time, I hit a roadblock so massive, I had no choice but to choose between turning back or just waiting. I did that a lot. One day it dawned so clearly on me: that road block would never clear for me. That was not my road. From that place I could only see the place I had come from and the road block in front of me. It kept me from going anywhere. Something had to change if I wanted to get to where I wanted to be. I was going to have to create my own path. It was time to go off roading!

It took me a long time to realize I was trying to navigate my life without a proper map. I needed a compass, a map, and a clear route leading me to the destination of my soul’s true purpose. I started revealing my life map by becoming certified in various ancient and modern traditions. I am now a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, Dharma Types Practitioner, Vedic Astrologer, Equestrian Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Ayurvedic Body Work Specialist. 

Every aspect of my journey, every roadblock, brought me to exactly the right teachers that allowed me to see another way, a path that had not yet been revealed. The aimless. nomadic beginning of my journey has created a foundation for me to work from and find gifts in all of my wrong turns. All of the destinations I spent time exploring have allowed me to create a map to help others access their true path, purpose and deep healing on physical, environmental, social, spiritual, and cosmic levels. This resonates so deeply within me and has altered my course so significantly, I am thrilled to share these tools with you to reveal your own life map! It’s time to set you on the right course to live your Dharma and shine in the light of your soul’s purpose!

Session Price: $99