sean lanning


Sean is a certified ERYT-500 Yoga Teacher and a Dharma School graduate from Broad Brook, CT.

After several years of work in marketing, music and direct sales, Sean decided to try a yoga class on Thanksgiving of 2013. Through the sweat and crazy, un-explainable tears, he was hooked. It was a clear fork in the road. He had to choose – either repress it all again and just trudge through life, or take a risk and become more fully alive. He decided to dive in and get certified to teach yoga. Inspired by his love for live music and community, Sean has since been teaching at studios and music & arts festivals throughout the Northeast. In February 2015 he left his desk job to follow his heart. He committed to his spiritual education, teaching, and returning to writing. Now, he is an assistant teacher for Dharma School Level 1 and a practicing shaman at the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts.

Sean continues to grow his practice and his medicine. By combining the skills he acquired in previous careers in varying industries, he has developed his own style of healing that is funky and fun, but no joke. He melds his yogic and shamanic teachings into his business, helping people buy and sell their homes, or helping them pick out a new guitar. He teaches at Fuller Yoga upstairs from Naughty, and curates the Naughty Shaman Art Gallery at the Center. Sean is available for shamanic healing and coaching sessions, private yoga classes, rotates in leading Tuesday Night Fire Circles and Sunday Centering and you can find his blog here. Sean's dharma is to create his own reality and share his work; he is thrilled to do it at Naughty Shaman.