sarah e. carey

Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner


My whole life I repeated a cycle that landed me in the same place: broken-hearted, struggling with addiction, and unemployed. It was a destructive pattern perpetuated by self-hatred. Wandering the darkest places of myself, I was lost. Without knowing how or why, I enrolled in Dharma School with Natalie Griffin in the Spring of 2014 on a whim that saved my life. Through shamanic studies I ultimately realized, the malignity with my soul’s truth could no longer exist. Now was the time to create with power and purpose.

I graduated Dharma School with a certificate in Energy Medicine. To deepen my knowledge and to continue my healing journey, I completed the School's two-level cycle twice. I trained in Advance Shamanic Studies with Mauricio Bruce, mastering advanced extraction, retrieval, and time-bending. Later in the year I traveled to the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica for Courageous Creator to walk the hero's journey through fear and anxiety into an empowered life, and to work with shamans from around the world.

Through my education, I developed a proclivity for healing through symbolism, the art of ceremony, and personal inquiry; this is my dharma. In September 2015 I joined the Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts as a Shamanic Practitioner, and Dharma School as a mentor and teacher. My passion is working personally with clients, clearing heavy energy from houses & land, and creating community through teaching. Let's create magic together, go deep inside, and explore realms of infinite healing.

My life now tells a different story. Old patterns can fall away and new potential will unearth. It is possible to change destiny; to become the story-writer; to create life every day.