My journey is a fiery reclamation of my power. It has been a journey of remembering who I am. 

For years I perpetually and externally searched for what was missing inside of me. Trauma, depression, and self-doubt left me paralyzed with confusion and uninterested in being alive. I didn’t have the tools to change my circumstances, so I indulged in behavior and thoughts that devastated my body, mind, and soul. But I knew this much: There was a part of me that contained a single burning hot flame of magic. It called me over and over again to listen, but I did everything I could to ignore it. It was the part of me that was completely and totally wild. This flame was keeping me alive, but I was not living. Eventually I faced a clear choice: to let the fire burn our completely, or stoke it with every last breath and tend to it with the marrow of my bones. I chose the latter. Although I didn’t know it at the time, it would result in an entirely new destiny. 

Divine timing led me to enroll in Dharma School at The Naughty Shaman Center for Shamanic Arts. This is where I discovered that my internal fire was in fact made of vivid dreams, intuitive wisdom, strength, self-worth, new creativity, ancestral gifts, ancient medicine, and a deep connection with the Earth and otherworldly realms. I completed Dharma School Level I and II with a Certificate in Energy Medicine, and I have since joined The Center as a Shamanic Practitioner and Mentor. I also hold a BFA in Ceramics and Sculpture from the University of Hartford. 

I am an artist, poet, traveler, storyteller, and shaman. In addition to my role at The Center, I work for two non-profit organizations in Connecticut: Real Art Ways and Wesleyan Potters. Both of these organizations’ mission is to promote and support the arts. My Dharma is to be of service in the world and to inspire. My medicine is to create a place of safety where you can unearth and explore the past, release old stories, and then create new possibilities! It’s time to step into your power!