Holistic Health Coach


In 2009, when I moved out my country, away from friends and family to pursue my postdoctoral study in organic chemistry at Harvard University, this was supposed to be my path to success. I soon discovered that success is meaningless without happiness, as every day was bringing more stress, loneliness and sadness.  My only solace was my outdoor daily run, where I could spend time connecting with myself and with nature. Those short moments of peace, launched what would become later my passion for nutrition and lifestyle. During the day I would work at my well paid corporate job, but at night, I would follow my heart and complete my holistic coach certificate from IIN. When I joined Dharma School in 2014 I felt the circle was completed, and although nutrition and lifestyle are a great foundation, working on emotional wounds allows deeper healing than I would have ever thought possible. I am here to support you and hold space for your healing journey using modern nutritional tools and ancient shamanic wisdom.