Live Your Truth


Legend says that we are born with a mission.  And through connecting to ourselves, others and Spirit, we remember our purpose here.  We can help you remember who you are, and why you are here by teaching you shamanic, yogic and leadership practices that help you connect.  Because when you are CONNECTED, everything is possible.  Join us. 

We have been waiting for you.


 The Scoop on DHarma School

Here is the scoop.  Dharma School is life changing.  We take that energy-shaman "stuff "and bring it right down into daily practices that make your life rich with connection.  Your life IS what matters... just sayin'

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Personal Sessions

The first step to personal freedom and power is remembering your original nature.  Many of us have forgotten as we have become good partners, good employees, good students or good parents. This can cause fatigue, depression, anxiety and even a "spiritual malaise."  Personal sessions clear the dust get your soul mojo back!

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