The Dharma Files: Taylor Crofton Interview

Natalie Griffin interviews graduate of Dharma School and staff member at the Center for Shamanic Arts, Taylor Crofton. And it's awesome.

Taylor began her spiritual journey on a quest! She learned Reiki, did card and medium readings, and developed a deep connection with Spirit. But something was missing. What was it?

Before Dharma School there was a spark missing to ignite her life on fire. She was just going through the motions. Dharma School allowed Taylor to take off the false mask she was wearing of someone with all of their “stuff” together. She could become a raw, vulnerable, open person... and it was OK! In fact, this new way of living was full of love.

Are you thinking about Dharma School? This is Taylor's message to you: “I did everything... And Dharma School adds a new element that cuts through the Bull Shit. It changed everything.”


This is the real deal. Experience it yourself! There are two more Intro to Shamanism and Dharma School workshops. We would love to get to know you.

Your soul is calling. It's time to listen. 

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