How to Handle a Spiritual 2x4 & all about dharma school


What do you do with a spiritual 2x4? What do you do when life really gives you a doozy? If you’re anything like me, you don’t always get the subtleties when the universe gives you messages that something’s gotta change. I’ll give you an example: my life. 

Before I was the owner of Naughty Shaman, I was mastering the art of a double life. While I was promoted and rising the corporate ladder with lots of flash and a mask, a part of me knew it was Bull Shit. As I grew in my career, a festering feeling of falsity inside grew too. This was a message from the universe that something in my life had to shift. But I wasn’t ready to listen yet.

Then came a series of events ending with my mother’s death that led to my unraveling. I was left feeling like I had nothing. I was on my knees. Something in my foundation cracked at this moment. And all I was left holding was the falsity I had created.

Natalie shares her story!

The gift of this smack in the face by this 2x4, was that I could see the Truth of the life I had created. It was that I didn’t like my life very much. It did not bring me joy. And the Truth was hard to choke down. 

So, when you get the 2x4....

If you’re looking at your life and you’re thinking, “This isn’t what I want,” you have a choice. You can continue holding on to the Bull Shit and rebuild a new facade to pretend to feel good. Or you can go in your soul and figure out what it takes to feel good from the inside out.

The Choice:

After the events of my life unraveled me I was left thinking, “What am I only doing because I’m supposed to? What am I doing that doesn’t bring me joy?” I could have stayed with the Bull Shit and died inside. Instead, I chose to do radical high velocity healing to rebuild who I am from the Truth. I studied shamanism, yoga, transpersonal coaching, and personal inquiry. And through these practices, developed Dharma School. 

What is a Truth Based Life?

There is a Buddhist word, Dharma. It has many deep and beautiful nuances, but I am a practical person! So my definition is simple: To live your Dharma is to live a Truth based life. It is a life with less and less Bull Shit running the show.

How many times have you lied about who you are? What feels good? Or what you need? How many times have you felt like you are caught in someone else’s dream for you? Someone else’s life? And that you’ll never be enough? I have. And I found a process of self-inquiry and shamanic techniques that incinerates the Bull Shit, and leaves you with your power. 

Why does Dharma School work?

We combine wisdom teachings from around the world and walk you on a journey to find what’s True inside. We call it your Dharma. We challenge you to go in, to incinerate the Bull Shit false projection of the self you show the world. This is for real.

Through coaching, mentoring, exercises, and shamanic ceremony, you will learn the tools of a medicine carrier. Your connection to spirit will be direct and personal, not through any dogma or set of rules, but from the wisdom found in your soul and bones.

Only YOU know the Truth.

You are the only one who knows what your foundation of Truth is. Only you know your Dharma. I can’t tell you what it is... nobody can! But we show you the way to discover the Truth for yourself.

Join us!

When a 2x4 hits, you can create false castles in the sky, or build a foundation that is real. If you’re ready to create a Truth based life, we would love to support you. We get it. We’ve been there.

Join us in November for the first weekend of Dharma School. Your soul won’t want to miss it. 


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