The Dharma Files: Teresa Miroslaw Interview

We are so inspired by Teresa Monika Miroslaw's journey here at Naughty Shaman. Here it is!

Before Dharma School, Teresa graduated college and decided to travel. She was disillusioned, depressed, discouraged, and lived on the outskirts of society. Living out of her backpack, sleeping in parks, Teresa was yearning for a community. But she never felt it in her travels.

The pivotal moment of Dharma School for Teresa came from the ancestral work and karmic patterns. There was a blanket of guilt and commitment to suffering that she was able to heal. And Teresa was grateful to let it go.

Now Teresa has so much space to breathe in her life, she even feels like a rockstar! As a co-creater in her life, she can “make it happen”… whatever that may be. What are a couple of things Teresa has done since Dharma School? She taught a class at Yale, built a robot, danced, and even did a backflip!

Teresa’s advice to you? “For anybody looking for like-minded people, who are finding joy and recognizing other real aspects of life, I recommend Dharma School. It’s the realest you can get.”

We love that quote! Dharma School: The realest you can get.
Watch the video to see the full Natalie Shope Griffin interview.

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