What is a Naughty Shaman?

Great question.

The traditional definition of the word Naughty is ‘disobediant.’  This begs the question, “To whom are we to be obedient?”  

I am not suggesting that as people on a spiritual journey we abandon all common sense or decency, but I have noticed – often first hand – the damage being obedient to conventional wisdom can cause.

I often sacrificed doing things or being with people that nourished my soul in order to maintain the facade of being good, normal and under control.  Maintaining this false allegiance to being good as measured by someone else’s standards left me frantic, exhausted and trapped in a cycle of insatiable hunger.  

When a person is soul starving, they can not support other people or even see accurately what’s happening around them.  I worried that the foundation of my life had been built upon shifting sand, so I worked really hard to make it seem solid, even to myself.

My soul, at a point of sufficient starvation, became so weak that I couldn’t hold up the facade any longer.  So I let go.  I got messy.  I mean knots in hair, fists pounding on ground, no money, jacked up love life, red-eyed-for-days messy.  

When it feels like you have nothing to lose you get brave.  I looked at truths inside me that I had been too afraid and ashamed to acknowledge ever before.  I learned that when you are finally face to face with these beasts that linger in the dark, they aren’t so bad.  And then you find yourself on solid ground.  On a foundation of stone inside yourself.

From there, you can build anything.

I started to let the the voice of my soul guide me to people and experiences that nourished me.  

And I decided that my soul is to whom I must be obedient.  And I became a NaughtyShaman.

A NaughtyShaman is a wise playful person free of the ‘shoulds’ of conventional spiritual wisdom.  

A NaughtyShaman experiences a direct relationship with Spirit and obeys the callings of the soul.

We are energized by the riotously beautiful, sensual, wild parts of life like roses covered in morning rain, loud music, maybe a martini when the mood hits.  It is all sacred!

We seek the sanctuary of Spirit in stillness, crying or laughing until we can’t breathe.  We have danced or done yoga in sweltering sun until we were diminished to only sweat and breath.  We might tear apart what once was, in order to make room for what’s coming.

A NaughtyShaman celebrates what lies in the shadows because we know that by going into the places we fear, we find strength, compassion and the power to become makers of our destiny.  

We know that the most radiant sunrise will emerge from the darkest of nights.  The dark and the light need each other to be brilliant.  It is all sacred.

If you want a juicy life and to be in service to Spirit, you need to get a little Naughty and follow your own rules.

Join the spiritual revolution.  Love your Naughty.  I do.


Natalie GriffinComment