Your Calling is Calling

"I feel like I have a larger purpose for being here, but I don't know what it is."  or "I know what I want to do, but I can't make money doing it, so I am stuck here in this job."

I get this alot.  People are hearing their Calling.  But many have forgotten how to listen to the language of the heart and soul, which is of course, the language of your Calling.  Before we get into how you know your Calling is calling, let's talk about the Calling.  (That's alot of calling!  Isn't it amazing how often we hang up the phone and don't listen!)

What Is A Calling?

1.  Something your soul came into this life to experience and heal. This is important.  When shamans say things like, "Your deepest pain will become your greatest medicine."  This is what we are talking about.  You came into life and had some experiences.  Some joyful, some gut wrenching.  The gut wrenching things typically provide the most opportunity for change and growth.  We become more compassionate through pain and often more awake.  When we heal those achy wounds, we have created a map out of the darkness.  Then we can be supportive to people who find themselves in similar struggles.

2.  Something your soul came here to express fully.  Once we make our way through some of these 'dark nights of the soul' we access a confidence in ourselves that one can not find from surface living alone.  Joseph Campbell (RIP), the world's great mind on mythology and the hero's journey, says,

                                     “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

For the brave people who listen to the soul's siren song and follow the Calling often find themselves in the cave of their greatest fear.  While it can be painful, it is to be celebrated.  Because here in the cave you will go through a rite of passage.  Move from being a boy to man, girl to woman, doormat to warrior, shielded heart to passionate lover. 

In the cave you will battle the great dragon of your fear.  YOU WILL MAKE IT OUT.  And you will be different.  You are strong enough to face your own stuff, I promise.  I mean honestly, it's You vs. You!  You will win. 

After the battle, you will remember how capable you are and with a springy confidence in your step, you will yearn to come back to your village and share yourself on a deeper level, without fear.  THIS is what your soul is yearning for - FULL EXPRESSION of all of it's wonder, worry, love, curiosity, insights and truth. 

How Do You Know Your Calling Is Calling And Not Your Ego?

To be able to tell the difference you have to get out of your mind.  Literally, out of the thought process that is like a ping pong match inside your head.  The ego will spin you round and round in your mind because it's such a fun way to keep itself alive and in the poll position!  You have to find a way to get into your body.

Legends say that our bodies are made of earth, some legends (And NASA scientists) say that our bodies are made of elements found in stars.  There is a wisdom in the body that once you start to listen to, can be your very best friend and guide.

So try this:

Recall a moment when you felt alive, fully expressed and of service.  Go ahead - you have moment like that.  Recall that moment.  Maybe you were speaking, helping someone cross the road and talking about life.  Maybe you were listening to a loved one share secrets.  Often these are simple things.

Now, notice how your body feels.  Yeah.  That's some good stuff.  We call that True North.  Its your Calling.  That FEELING, is your Calling.  What you were doing, what you were saying, what you were feeling is igniting the Calling. 

The Calling gives you clues through your body.  It lights it up!  So now, you have a compass.  Bring that compass point online every day so that you remember.  Recall that single moment or all of the moments every day in your meditation, in the car, where ever!  Just do it!  You are teaching your body to remember.  When you recall this feeling, vibration, or Calling, you are sending out an invitation for more moments like this to find you.

Follow the feeling, follow the people and experiences that bring that feeling to life.  And keep going.  Before you know it, you are on the yellow brick road back home to your Ruby-Slipper-Wearing-True Self.  Home to all that you came to experience and express.

Your body will also give you signals when you are not in alignment with your Calling.  Chronic headaches, reoccurring accidents, chronic intestinal pain or leaky gut, chronic anxiety, addiction, or depression.  All beautiful messages from the Universe that some changes could be made.  I find that the Universe is not bossy, she won't tell you what to do, but she will give you feedback.  You can listen or not, that's the bugger of freedom.

A Calling is not about a job - or even a purpose or mission.  

          Answering your calling is about being the kind of person you came here to be. 

Support yourself with time and loving inquiry into what is going on inside.  What wants to be expressed through you?  You have something to share, simply by just being you.  So, be curious.  Learning about you, remembering you, growing you, sculpting you, and being You, is exactly what you came here to do.