Creating Your Dream Life With Madness and Music

I love traveling alone.  Don't get me wrong, I love being with people too, but it's hard to find people who travel like you do. 

Alone in the airport, I take in a deep 5-sense-breath of the terminal.  All the sights, sounds, and smells.  The feel of air in my lungs and coffee on my tongue.  I love it.   I have everything I need in two bags, I am light and mobile. 

I also have a uniform when I travel.  Favorite jeans, messenger bag, Danskos and red leather jacket.  It sounds strange but this small constant provides me with the freedom to never worry about where things are.  My passport, in it's place. My cell phone, boarding pass and laptop all in place.  No belt, minimal jewelry.  I can get through security in 3 minutes flat. 

Every time I leave, I notice a few people are shocked (even I am sometimes), by the kind of things I do with my life.  They ask me, "How did you?"  They say, "I never could."  And I feel so grateful, that when I had the chance to say 'Yes' to what life was offering me, that I did.  I am also grateful for the many things that I said 'No' to.  I have found that saying "No" can really be a BIG YES to your soul. 

I plug in my headphones with my soundtrack for the trip.  Every step I take closer to the gate I feel the roles and responsibilities of home fade.  Here in the terminal, I am just a nameless woman wandering through the terminal.  I could be anyone.  I am no one.  I could go anywhere from here.  Almost drunk on possibility and fueled by the trancey beats of Whilk & Misky, I allow my creative mind to play with all the possibilities of who I am and where I could go.  "Free Yourself.." the lyrics invite me into my own daydreams.  Some people say daydreaming is a waste of time, I know differently.  The key is, that the daydream/fantasy can't stop in your mind.

Daydreams and fantasies are the most critical step in creating a life that you enjoy so much that you envy no one else for the life that they have. 

Imagine!  Imagine not worrying about catching up, or getting more, or just feeling bad because what you have is not what you really want.  Feeling bad and stressed, is the start - the awakening - but then you have to allow yourself to dream of new possibilities without letting your mind shut it all down before you get to create. 

How to Dream Your World Into Reality (Cliff Notes)

I prefer to create in layers, rather than blow everything up all at once.  With patience, it is possible to create your whole vision layer by layer with ease.   Like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, first things first.

The creation process is a simple one.  I mean, babies are born everyday to people who have no training in how to create things.  Creation happens with or without consciousness.  WE want to be conscious of what we create so that it is awesome and in alignment with our soul.  Daydreaming is the way we become familiar with the powerful archetypes of our soul's yearning for expression and experience.  Here are the steps:

  1. Dream - dream madly wild dreams!  With no filters, don't be scared - you aren't making decisions yet.  Allow the impossible to be visually anchored.  See yourself moving through life, serving people, moving through landscapes, with types of people that really feels amazing.  Visions rooted in service seem to take root the fastest. 
  2. Feel - when you visualize some dreams, your heart will race and body feel alive.  Or it will feel at peace and whole.  Pay attention to these feelings and the vision that brings your body to life.  That one is a keeper.  Anchor your dreams in the feelings you want to create.  Surrender some of the outcome, you may not get the Mercedes, but you will get the freedom and recognition that the Mercedes symbolized.  (AND you may get the Mercedes too.)
  3. Choose - this is the magic moment.  Choice.  This is where things can fall of the tracks.  Many are afraid to commit to themselves and their dreams and so become swept up in the subconscious creating again.  I see people quit here because once you choose to take the reins of your life, you can no longer blame others for the way things turn out.  Some won't give that up.  NOTE:  This is STILL not an action step.  It's an energetic choice.  A knowing and a clarity.  This is the proverbial 'stake in the sand' so that the Universe will know how to conspire on your behalf to make your dreams and choices a reality.  This is big. 
  4. Imagine the First Step - still no action.  Get grounded.  Get underneath the fear of your new choice and the 76 future action items and choices.  Stop.  Stay here. If you are freaking out, allow yourself to imagine, "What would be the first step that I would take if I do this?"  Visualize and feel the first step.  You are getting your nervous system, emotional system and physical body used to something new.  It's like working out a muscle.  You start with small things. 
  5. Plan the First Step - this is where the rubber almost meets the road - really pen meets paper - hand meet keyboard...  Who do you need to talk to?  Do you need to save money? How much?  By when?  What will you do differently to create what you really want?  Who has more information?  Plan the dates and times of all that is required for the first step.   Always identify people who can give you soulful support in your planning.   These people will save your bacon when your motivation runs low.  Plan in layers, manifesting can take some time.  Then allow the second step to come into view, and the third, by now, the excitement will be flowing.         
  6. Take the First Step - finally, some action!  Make the phone call.  Book the class.  Buy the plane ticket.  Write the first chapter.  Work your plan.  After all of the internal work that you did, this is the easy part.  The Universe will also drop a few surprises all for the love, so be ready to receive!

When I first dreamed of a life where I could be with my kids, have my own business and work part-time.  It took 4 years to manifest.  When I dreamed a life of Spanish speaking friends, palm trees and soulful workshops, it took 3 years to fully manifest.  My new dreams will likely take 2 or less.  It takes as long as it takes.  Your process will be your own, but I share this to illustrate why you need a plan and support.  It's easy to get lost out there with all the shiny new distractions.  It's also easy to get consumed in your own fear and unhealed stuff along the way. 

Keep healing what is in the way of you living your dream.  Keep going.  Don't let your daydreams merely be a method of escape.  That is useless.  Rather let your daydreams fuel new possibilities for your life. 

"We are the way the Cosmos experiences itself." - Neal deGrasse Tyson, Physicist

If we believe Neal's words, then the yearnings of our soul need to be expressed and lived because if we don't play our part in the cosmic musical, we all miss out on a great experience. 

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