Why Your New Year’s Resolution Won’t Work

True North

I am over New Year's Resolutions. They don't stick because they are not soulful enough and usually ego driven. Get richer, get skinnier, etc. Frankly, it bores me. As a Naughty Shaman, I like to go deeper beneath the surface.

I go to what my soul is craving and let that chart my course for the coming year alot like True North on a compass. Every year at this time, I look for my soul's True North.

Your soul's True North is rooted in a feeling that you want to create more of. A few years ago I was feeling so alone in my spiritual trek and what my soul really craved was company. That year my True North was "A year of finding my tribe."

All year I asked myself, "Will this choice put me in position to find my tribe?" Now, I have a groovy soul tribe with members all over the world. True North works because every time you get to a choice point personally or professionally you can go to True North and ask, "What will bring me in more alignment with my soul?"

This year my soul is craving freedom and wild self expression. I feel most alive when I am talking about artistic expression, soulful connection, love and purpose. I can't stop writing, drawing, moving, talking or creating!

So this year my True North is "Courageous freedom and expression." So when faced with choices and I bump up against my fears, I will ask myself - What will create soul nourishing freedom? How can I courageously & lovingly express what is in my heart?

When we align with True North, we can't lose. When we stand on the solid ground of the soul's truth, we can weather and often dismantle any external storm that may have been created by us standing in our truth.

Because we eliminate the internal storm.

Like the hindu deity Lord Shiva dancing joyfully in Truth untouched by fire as the world around him is engulfed in flames, aligning with True North is the only way to move through the world with a soul on fire without getting burned.

So, Happy New Year from the Naughty Shaman. Skip the New Year's Resolution crap.

Go for a New Year's REVOLUTION! 

Natalie GriffinComment