Waking Up in Wonderland

Last week the Universe and I broke up. I was so sick of lessons, growth and uncomfortable feelings - bleh! Am I really happier for it? Who has the tequila....

Like a crazed lover I yelled at the Universe and swore I was leaving! Going back to a time when I knew who I was, felt in control of what was happening around me and ignored what was happening inside me. And it worked!

...for exactly 26 minutes. I tried to fit into my old skin. I couldn't even recall what it felt like to live without depth of feeling. To live without trusting my body and what it tells me to be true.

There is no going back once you go down the rabbit hole and realize that most of your life, you have been asleep and dreaming. And now you are awake in Wonderland.

Eventually, you learn to navigate Wonderland. And that's when real life begins.

Fact is, if you want to be happy all the time, get a lobotomy. Or manufacture one with drugs, strings of lovers, work, obsessing, or TV. I'm not knocking these things, but we can over use them to avoid going deeper into the Wonderland of our Soul. I get it. That Queen of Hearts can be a real bitch.

Truth is, the only reason to try to wake up to the Wonderland of your soul is because you can't NOT. It's time to go down the rabbit hole when your yearning for something real trumps all other thoughts. Or if your soul can't hide some truth any longer and trying to hold it in might cause spontaneous combustion.

Funny thing is, if you ignore or even run from the wild soulful callings of Wonderland, the Universe will organize the perfect situation for you to grow. You are in the perfect situation right now in fact. Look around. You'll see the White Rabbit coaxing you down the rabbit hole.

Point is, waking up in Wonderland is a chance to let life in. All of it. And it's a chance to let the Universe use you for some soulful purpose. (You and the Universe get to work that out in Wonderland - you know, if you're not on a break....)

The trip down the Rabbit Hole is not for the weak hearted. But, once you see the world through the eyes of your soul, moments of magic are normal. Your life becomes epic. And it is all - ALL - totally Sacred. Wild. Real.

It may not be tea parties with the Mad Hatter all the time. If you are looking for that - drop some acid watch Johnny Depp in high def. Skip the spiritual journey.

But if you want to chase some white rabbits and wake up in Wonderland, then come with us! We have alot of workshops coming up. 

Natalie GriffinComment