The Birth of Naughty Shaman

Once upon a time, I labored like a mad woman to carefully construct facades that I hoped would make me loved and accepted in “normal” society. It was a lot of work! In reality, all that work was rooted in a horrible fear in my soul: that who I was, naturally, wasn't lovable.

My life changed in so many ways that one day (well, several days) I couldn't get out of bed because I was exhausted and filled with grief. I didn't have the strength to keep up the facades so they started to crumble. That was the day I started the journey back to my Natural Self.

I studied yoga and shamanism to heal my body, heart and soul. During this time I learned a process to explore the territory of my Natural Self and discovered two things: that she is quite quirky and that I am totally crazy about her! It was in this torrid love affair with... well, myself... that I became the Naughty Shaman.

It is this process back to the Natural Self that I am here to share. This journey is the most important of our lives. It is the most valuable map we can leave for our children. To make the brave journey inward, you need people who will support your trek and sometimes you have to get naughty and follow your own rules. The original definition of the word “Naughty” is “disobedient.” But to whom are we to be obedient? The dominant culture? Our parents’ expectations? Who exactly? I decided to be obedient to my quirky soul.

So Naughty Shaman was born: Along with others who are excited about living according to the beat of their own soul’s drum, we are building tribes of people all over the world who unite to celebrate their Natural Selves. We believe that by encouraging these free souls to use what they learn with us, they will create more innovative and practical ways to govern, lead and love in our communities around the world.

Natalie GriffinComment