Astro cartography 

With Andrea Miller

Astro Cartography  with Andrea Miller

Astro Cartography  with Andrea Miller

Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong place? Or wondered where the best place would be for you to retire?

With Astro Cartography, you will determine the perfect location and energetic match for your soul’s journey. From the most beneficial location for community, career, romance, studies, and travel, this precise reading will divulge all of the details you need to make clear decisions in alignment with your soul. 

**Andrea will generate your unique chart using your exact birth date, birth time and birth place.  This information will need to be provided at least 48 hours before your session with Andrea.  If you do not have this information but would like a reading, please contact Naughty Shaman at, as Andrea can get your birth information for an additional fee.**

Cost: $99 for a 90 minute session

Vedic Astrology

with Andrea Miller

Vedic Astrology with Andrea Miller

Vedic Astrology with Andrea Miller

Vedic Astrology Reading

Through an analysis of cosmic influences, you will recognize your strengths and challenges to make choices that optimize your full potential. Vedic Astrology, often known as Jyotish, means the science of light. In this reading you will go over the analysis of your report in detail and explore practical remedial measures to move forward with clarity. 

**Vedic Astrology Readings must be booked 48 hours prior and please e-mail Naughty at with: your exact birth time, birth date, and location (and if there are any specific areas you would like additional analysis such as, relationships, money, family, health, etc.). If you do not have exact birth information you can contact Andrea for other options available.**

Cost: $99 for a 60 minute session


Dharm Types Life Mapping

Andrea Miller

Dharma Types Life Mapping with Andrea Miller

Dharma Types Life Mapping with Andrea Miller

Are you interested in a map of how to better navigate in the world? Are you looking to gain clarity into how you interact with yourself and others?

Through Dharma Types Life Mapping you will obtain a framework for making decisions that are in alignment with your soul’s truth. Your unique divine design and how to access it through physical, environmental, social, spiritual and cosmic levels will be revealed to you through this session. You will receive an in-depth analysis of your Dharma Type based in Jyotish, often known as Vedic Astrology. Once your type is known, Andrea will work with you to create a life map that perfectly fits your soul’s journey.

By understanding your unique language, you can hone in on your unique purpose to live with greater authenticity and ease.

**48 hours prior to Initial Consultation, please email Naughty at, your exact birth time, date and location. If your interests lie in your family dynamics, please provide the birth information of all parties involved. 100% of payment is due at time of scheduling appointment.**

Cost: $99 for a 90 minute Session