sandy kissel

Holistic Health Coach


All of my life, I have wanted to be a nurse. I could never tell you why, I just knew. I also struggled with being able to believe in myself and feeling that I deserved to exist.  Following my dream has been a challenge, and I have been on a journey to find the confidence to step fully into my life. My path started as a spiritual path, and as I struggled in my relationship with God, I found that the journey involved healing on an emotional level as well. I have always found the next step when I needed it, and the journey lead me through a variety of healing and spiritual modalities. Each thing I tried was going to be the next “thing” that “fixed” me, and while each step brought new growth, something was always unfinished, nothing was ever ‘enough’ and I was always looking for the next solution. 

I am a graduate of Dharma level 1 and level 2 and have found that while there is always room for growth, I have a lot to offer and don’t have to wait for the next thing to make me “good enough”, I am fine with who I am. 

My nursing career has been filled with variety.  From hospital to home care to working as a medical nurse.  I also served as a psychiatric nurse with adolescents in a psychiatric hospital which lead me to get my master’s degree in psychiatric nursing. I currently work with children on the Autism Spectrum. The most rewarding part of my job is working with patients or families as they struggled with the challenges and choices that lay before them. 

I have worked with alternative as well as mainstream healing and spiritual modalities. I have training in Reiki and Access Bars and Body processes. I have also been studying Gestalt Pastoral Care. I believe that healing and spirituality are entwined and am committed to helping people find what serves their highest purpose. All of these trainings and modalities inform my work as a shamanic practitioner. I understand well the journey that unfolds gradually over time. I look forward to holding space for you as we work to find new possibilities in your life.